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Reclosers and Sectionalizers

Reclosers are predominantly located on the distribution feeder, though as the continuous and interrupting current ratings increase, they are seen in substations, where traditionally a circuit breaker would be located. Reclosers have two basic functions on the distribution system: reliability and overcurrent protection. Reclosers are frequently applied to increase reliability, mainly due to three of their benefits: reclosing capability, single phase reclosing, and automated loop capabilities.

Sectionalizers are an economical solution to sectionalizing large outdoor networks, and often used in locations where coordination with other devices is difficult. Sectionalizers are suitable for use on outdoor medium voltage overhead distribution networks, in conjunction with automatic circuit recloser protection.

New: ABB expands the GridShield® recloser portfolio with the launch of the 38kV rating
AutoLink protection is now extended to three-phase overhead line systems

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  • Why use reclosers?

    Why use reclosers?

    There is a double incentive for electricity distribution companies to deploy reclosers in their networks.

  • New generation recloser is ready for current and future grid challenges

    New generation recloser is ready for current and future grid challenges

    ABB's GridShield outdoor vacuum recloser for 15 - 27 - 38 kV feeder and substation applications has been developed to meet the growing need for increased automation in electricity distribution networks, higher service reliability and lower network maintenance and management costs. Rated for up to 10,000 operations and with modular pole assembly, the GridShield offers the flexibility to function as a recloser, sectionalizer, or automated load break switch.

  • Video: Medium voltage outdoor products for smart grid demands

    Video: Medium voltage outdoor products for smart grid demands

    Learn why a single-phase sectionalizer is a viable alternative to oil and vacuum reclosers for improving power reliability, reducing maintenance time, costs and inventory complexity.

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